Space heater safety tips

by Paul W Sullivan & Assoc 07/08/2024

Space heater safety tips  featured image

Space heaters are a convenient way to warm up and manage the temperature within your home. However, every year, thousands of space heaters are responsible for house fires. With this in mind, It’s important to exercise precaution when using these devices. 

How do I make my space heater safer?

Before purchasing a space heater, make sure it has been labeled and tested by a credible facility. These facilities test the product to make sure it follows safety guidelines. 

Place space heaters away from furniture and fabrics when in use to cut down on the possibility of the device starting a fire. Space heaters should only be used to warm a room. Don’t use them to heat food or dry clothing, and always the device and store away when not in use. 

Space heater safety features to consider

Many of the latest space heaters come with built-in features to make the device safer when in use. Consider these features when purchasing your next space heater: 

  • Some have a thermostat: This feature is helpful to monitor how hot the heater is getting. 
  • Automatic turn off: When the device warms up too much, it will turn off automatically to prevent overheating. 
  • A switch to turn off the device when overturned. 

Space heaters are an affordable way to keep your home warm no matter the season; however, it’s important to proceed with caution when using them. Don’t put them too close to other household objects, and make sure they’ve been tested for safety.